Debian Linux Documentation

Please send suggestions for improvements, bugs etc. to (Ray Dassen).


Here we plan to provide all documentation for Debian Linux in hypertext format.

Documentation specific to Debian Linux

To find out what packages in which versions are present in Debian, you can use the FTP interface.

If you can't find any debian-specific documentation, you may find what you're looking for in other areas, for example general Linux or Unix documentation.

If you can't find documentation, please ask for it on the debian-user mailing list.

If you come accross relevant documentation that isn't mentioned here, please tell me.

General Linux/PC documentation

General Unix/X documentation

Reviews and install reports

Here are some reviews and install reports for Debian:

Documentation for ELF

With 1.1, Debian has moved to the ELF binary format. For information about ELF, see 1.1 and newer's tools create ELF binaries by default; packages to generate a.out binaries are available for backward compatibility.